Sunday, July 22, 2012

blankZ - Giveaway

Karma Media has teamed up with BlankZ at Always Been Creative to give away 1 amazing BlankZ animals to 15 lucky winners. Giveaway ends August 6, 2012 to US residents. Enter today to win and good luck! a Rafflecopter giveaway

Friday, July 20, 2012

BlankZ Review

I have very creative kids. I seem to constantly be handed some little project one or more of my children have been working on. Sadly that creativity sometimes finds it's way to some not so great areas. My walls have often been the location of a beautiful mural. Picture books have been turned into coloring books. Dolls have had their faces covered in "make-up".

BlankZ gives my children the opportunity to unleash their creativity over and over again, and in a great place. We received an adorable blankZ White Hound with five markers for my children to enjoy. Of course my five year old immediately got busy with her designs. She had that little dog covered in color in a short time and had to show everyone. Then we tossed him into the washing machine and dryer so that she could start all over.
One of many colorful designs.

After being washed and dried.

There are several different blankZ characters for people to choose from. A really great plus is that the markers are (obviously) washable. So if it gets on clothes or little hands I can get it off easily. We have really enjoyed having the blankZ White Hound in our house. I'm thinking I will have to get another one. My three year old is always fighting for her turn to color him.

You can learn more about and connect with blankZ at their Website, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and Pinterest.

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I received this product through Karma Media in exchange for my honest review.

Friday, July 6, 2012

Boogie Wipes Review

There always seems to be a runny nose in my house. When the twins are teething their noses run. My three oldest all suffer from allergies which means a lot of sneezing and runny noses. Of course that means a lot of wiping. We have used tissues but they tend to be rough on little noses, and they don't work well on stuck on boogies. We have also used diaper wipes. They do a good job for any stuck on mess but sometimes they aren't gentle enough for little noses either. Also, that means even more diaper wipes being used in this house.

Boogie Wipes come in a variety of scents, as well as unscented. Boogie Wipes are soft wipes that are made with natural saline to help cleanse little noses. I have seen Boogie Wipes in stores before. I've always wondered how they work and if I should get some for my children. My mom usually keeps a pack at her house for the kids to use over there. When the opportunity to review Boogie Wipes came up I decided it was time to see what they could do. 

I received a 30 count pack of Fresh Scent Boogie Wipes, as well as several individually wrapped Boogie Wipes. First of, I love the smell of the Fresh Scent Boogie Wipes. It isn't an over whelming smell but it does smell really good. They came in a very easy to use pack. The latching opening helps to keep the Boogie Wipes moist. The wipes are easy to remove from the pack, too. I also love the individually wrapped wipes. I can toss them in my purse to have wherever we are. It is very convenient.

I have to say that Boogie Wipes have been very helpful around my house. I'll be very excited when the new 90 count canisters come out! To learn more about Boogie Wipes you can visit their Website, Facebook, and Twitter. You can hop through the linky below to see more Boogie Wipes reviews by Karma Media Team Members.

I received Boogie Wipes as part of a Karma Media campaign. All opinions are 100% mine.