Friday, June 10, 2011

Why Do I Coupon?

Everyone seems to think that "extreme couponers" are bad people. I have seen us called "glorified hoarders". People assume that we all steal inserts, commit coupon fraud, and clear shelves. I have seen a lot of hateful feedback against couponers. And although in some cases these people may be right; usually couponers are honest, hardworking people just trying to save money.

I am a mom of 5 children. 4 of them are in diapers. I recently heard on TV that diapers cost $2000 a year per kid. That is $8000 for us!!! I almost died. I have twins on formula and baby food. Not to mention food, clothes, school costs for my 4 year old, and any extras. In short I try to make my husband's one income support all seven of us and pay all the bills. It's a pretty major stretch and my family has had to chip in more than I would like.

I bet you're thinking I should just go get a job, right? Trust me I have felt that way many times. I loved working. But now I have to consider the cost of daycare or a nanny. For 5 kids?? That would cost my whole paycheck if not more. So I decided I would rather spend time with my children instead of paying someone else to.

So there is still the question of supporting my family. That is why I have decided to coupon. I do not want to need my family's help during the rough times. I want to know that if my husband gets hurt or loses his job that we can make it on our own for a while. My mom raised my sisters and me by herself for a few years. Those were hard years some of the time. My mom worked hard but in some things we still had to do without. I never want that for my kids. And my mom coupons and stockpiles, too, for the same reason. So for us it is something we are doing together, and hey, it's fun! I love saving money. I love getting things for free. It is amazing going into a store and only pay a few dollars for $50 worth of stuff (no I can't go get $3100 for $50, yet).

In response to all the accusations I wrote about in my first paragraph; I do not steal coupons, commit coupon fraud, or clear shelves. Nothing makes me more upset then to walk into a store and find the entire shelf empty of the deal. And the people who are stealing inserts and committing fraud are giving us honest couponers a horrible name. Now as for being a "glorified hoarder", OK, that is your opinion. If it saves me money to have a stockpile then go ahead and call me a hoarder. :)