Friday, June 22, 2012

Baby Fresh Cleanser Review

Baby Fresh Cleanser was created by a mother of three, so obviously she had a little experience in the diaper changing area. The Baby Fresh Cleanser is made of 88% organic materials. That is a big plus for people who like to use natural products. It is so easy to use. You just spray it on your baby's bottom at the beginning of a diaper change. Let it sit for 10 seconds (if your baby is in a handsy mood, have a toy or something to occupy them! Just a suggestion) then you just wipe the baby's bottom clean. Like I said, so easy. It smells like Chamomile and lavender, and it also leaves a protective barrier on your baby's bottom to reduce the risk of diaper rashes. 

I have three children in diapers. As you can imagine the dirty diapers add up quickly, along with the crazy amount of diaper wipes we go through. I was really happy to get to review a bottle of Baby Fresh Cleanser! 

First off, this stuff smells great! I was super excited about that, because with an average of 5 dirty diapers a day, the smell can be overwhelming. I bet you're happy to learn about my children's diaper changes. Although that is what Baby Fresh Cleanser is for, diaper changing made easier. It definitely makes it easier. I have started using fewer diaper wipes with each changing. The Baby Fresh Cleanser helps to loosen all the potty residue on my little ones' bottoms, so usually it is a few quick swipes with one or two wipes, and I am done. I love it! 

My son, the oldest in diapers, loves the spray, too. I'm not sure why (he can't talk enough to say) but he gets so excited when I get it out for diaper changes. I imagine it probably is soothing in some way. I was a little unsure about using it with him. He has very severe eczema and so much seems to set him off. He has had absolutely no adverse reactions to the Baby Fresh Cleanser. 

Another thing I love, it seems to last so long! I have been using the spray for all dirty diaper changes for all three kids for about two weeks now. I still have quite a bit left. I do know that I will be looking into buying some more when this bottle starts to run out. It is saving me wipes and, truthfully, the better smell would be enough to sell me on it. 

To learn more about Baby Fresh Cleanser stop by their Website and Facebook! You can also hop through the linky below to read other Karma Media reviewers' thoughts on Baby Fresh Cleanser.

I received Baby Fresh Cleanser as part of a Karma Media campaign. All opinions are 100% mine.

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