Friday, August 10, 2012

Moody Bands Review


Moody Bands are a really great product that helps children to express their moods in a fun and easy way. There are six of these wrist bands made of 100% cotton. They are very soft and well made. Each band is a different color and they all have a smiley representing the mood that is text on the bands as well. There is a band for Happy, Sad, Tired, Nervous, Angry, and Excited.

My children were excited to see this package come. Anything that they can wear is exciting and fun for them. We received the Moody Band Full Set. Ashlynn, Riley, and I have discussed what each emotion means and which band represents it, so they can wear it.

Let the modeling begin!!

Obviously we had a fun time with this product. The girls did a great job of showing me the emotions and I think these will be an interesting way to help them learn to express their feelings and emotions. 

If you want to purchase Moody Bands or learn more about them you can do so on their website and Facebook.

I received Moody Bands as part of a Karma Media campaign. All opinions are 100% mine.

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