Sunday, February 19, 2012

Date Night!! / This Means War - Movie Review

So my husband and I don't usually get to enjoy a date night. I remember when we first got together we went out all the time. We went shopping, saw movies in the theater, went to a concert, went out to eat, ect. As we have had children our nights to ourselves have dwindled. We would only go for our anniversary and birthdays, then only our anniversary. Finally we just didn't go. Or if we could go out it was as quick as possible. 

Tonight my older sister and her friend offered to watch our five rambunctious little ones. My husband and I went to the movies. He of course wanted to see an action flick (Ghost Rider 2), and I wanted to see This Means War. I'm not ashamed to say I pouted (yep, that's where my children get it), and we went to see This Means War (review and spoilers in a second). 

After movie theater nachos and a really great movie we went to the mall. We forgot that we live in the town that dies at 6pm on Sundays! Oh how I miss living where a store was open late. Then my wonderful husband suggested we stop by Barnes and Nobles! What a sweetheart! I am a bookaholic, and I'm proud of it. I hate to spend money on myself but you put me in a book store and hand me money and I will spend it in a heart beat. It's a bad addiction, so I usually avoid book stores. 

I bought six new books! I know, six! When will I have the time to read them all? I will make some time. Three were on a buy two get one free table. Sister by Rosamund Lupton, The Scent of Rain and Lightning by Nancy Pickard, and Super Sad True Love Story by Gary Shteyngart. Then I passed a table that said "If you like Hunger Games, You might like these books". Of course I stopped. I ended up with three book from that table, all in a series by James Dashner. The Maze Runner, The Scorch Trials, and The Death Cure. Be looking for reviews on them all as I get to read them over at Reading It All. My husband, the non-reader, picked up two books with facts and sayings from Ireland. 

Now to the movie review! Possible spoilers!

Synopsis: Two top CIA operatives wage an epic battle against one another after they discover they are dating the same woman. From IMDb.

Starring: Reese Witherspoon, Chris Pine, and Tom Hardy.

My Thoughts: This movie is placed in the Comedy, Action, and Romance genres. They need to make a Bromance genre. That was what this was more than a Romance. Tuck (Hardy) and FDR (Pine) are best friends and partners, working for the CIA. Things start out with quite a bang as they are trying to apprehend a major criminal. From the start you can tell that FDR is a bit of a womanizer, and Tuck is just looking for a serious romance. Enter Lauren (Witherspoon) who first meets Tuck from an online dating site, and then FDR soon after. Things get pretty funny as the two friends compete for Lauren's affections, all the while keeping it secret that they know each other. Tuck with his sexy British accent and FDR with his gorgeous blue eyes definitely make Lauren's decision hard. Suddenly the criminal they were chasing is back in the picture, out for revenge against Tuck and FDR. Lauren finds herself in the middle of an action packed car chase while trying to reconcile with the fact that Tuck and FDR have known about each other the whole time. Will Tuck and FDR's bromance be salvageable after this? Will the three of them survive the crazy car chase? And who will Lauren choose in the end? I won't say. I will say I was upset, then happy, then laughing my butt off at the end. 

I would say if you like a fun romantic comedy with pretty awesome fight/action scenes, then see this. It was great, and I'm glad I pouted until I got to see it.

Rating: 5 Stars!!

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  1. So glad I found your blog. Feel like we are living similar lives in parallel universes. I too have five kids. I too can't pass up spending money in a bookstore, and I LOVE movies!! Thanks for the recommendation. Will add it to my list. PS---Lived my early married years in a sleepy town that closed at 6pm---you wouldn't happen to be in Maine? Thanks for the read, Erin