Saturday, February 4, 2012

Pet Peeves!

Have you ever run to use the bathroom and found the toilet paper gone? So many moms know exactly what I am talking about. When that baby starts dancing on your bladder, there is no stop to check if your husband/boyfriend remembered to replace the toilet paper after he was so nice as to use it all. An empty toilet paper roll is what inspired my post today. 

According to Wikipedia pet peeves are just minor annoyances that a person perceives as much more annoying than others (find it here). I suppose that is right. I mean not everyone gets aggravated about an empty toilet paper roll. Though, I do think everyone has something that bothers them. Maybe it's a sound, or a gesture, maybe it's grammar (avoid my blog if it is, my grammar is sad), maybe it is spelling, or a song, a noise someone makes, an action someone takes, ect. Whatever the peeve is it get's you riled. Your jaw clenches, your fists might, too, your eye twitches, that vein in your forehead starts showing, maybe you have to just say something! 

Ah, yes, the witty way of letting someone know they have activated your pet peeve response system.

Truly the list of pet peeves is highly extensive, I know because I Googled it. I picked one result because lets face it, there are five little monsters in my house, and I can't read all the lists! GetAnnoyed has rather long list of pet peeves. Some of them make me laugh a lot. I am probably guilty of them. Others I agree with completely! And for some of them I am reminded of Monica from Friends. She would cry if I was in her home. I never use coasters (unless we are at my husband's family's house). My children tend to just toss their shoes down where ever they take them off (ok that one bugs me!). I'm sure I do plenty that aggravates my husband. 

My pet peeves aren't so crazy. I hate when people don't replace toilet paper, obviously. I also can't stand the toilet paper being on wrong, it goes over, not under! I cannot deal with someone constantly tapping, whether it is their foot or their hand. I about lose it when someone chews with their mouth open. Nails on anything, metal against metal, grinding teeth, all those make me shudder. People who don't flush the toilet, and also the ones who don't wash their hands after using the bathroom. Gross! I'm sure I have more. If I let this post sit a few days I could add more. Oh well, I'm going with these.

So what are your pet peeves? Leave them in the comments!


  1. My biggest pet peeve is with people who do not have an open mind. How can you learn anything with a closed mind?

  2. I can't stand it when people talk to me while I'm trying to watch TV. Or they ask me about the show I am watching. How can i know anything when I can't hear it! lol.

  3. My pet peeve is when my daughter constantly asks "mommy, why?" I think I hear that question fifty million times a day.

  4. My pet peeve is Walmart bathrooms and the people who use. Wrote about it once :-p
    Marie H
    Howard House Reviews

  5. talking on their cell phone at the gym or in line...ahh I hear their whole conversation!

  6. Before working from home, I was a retail manager. Most recently I worked in an optical shop and also worked for the optometrist in the doctor's office. We used to do A LOT of free repairs on eyeglasses. Didn't even matter if you bought them there. We did free adjustments, too. So when you know we offer this service and you can see that we're all rushing around frantically trying to help people.. why stand there in line and let out loud sighs, tap your foot, jingle your car keys, or tap on our glass display cases?? For some reason people think this will get them helped quicker...

    Another pet peeve is people that talk on their cell phones while checking out at a retailer. It's rude and disrespectful to the cashier. It just slows down the checkout process.

  7. Mine vary depending upon my mood or the day, or how much sleep I had. Well? Let's face it I have many, just some days more thing's bother me than others! Yes I tend to be moody! lol

  8. Mine is trash being left out on the coffee table.