Monday, May 28, 2012

Changing Directions

When I started my blog it was supposed to just be about my family. That was my main goal. I didn't expect a huge readership or to make any money. I just wanted a place to share my thoughts and experiences. After starting my second blog, Reading It All, I quickly got swept into the, sometimes overwhelming, blogging world. I started reviewing so many products and I quit writing about my family.

I have noticed that my reviews, in my opinion, have been lacking. I always feel like I am struggling to come up with what to say. I love the products but I just can't seem to get things into a post like I want. My thoughts would stray, my kids would need me, I would procrastinate.

I recently (like yesterday) wrote a post for Hazelaid, and I actually didn't struggle for the content. I just wrote it all down, and when I was done I was truly happy with the results. I felt like I represented our experience with their products without coming off as a total sales pitch. Because that's the goal, right? Readers want the truth, they want to know about a real experience with the products. They aren't looking for an infomercial.

I do not like feeling like I am being restricted or have to follow guidelines. I don't mind a little information, or pictures, but in general I just want to be able to write what I want. That should be the point. If a company just wants things strictly written and linked then they should just have sponsored posts written. I enjoy the freedom of saying things how I want. I don't mind suggestions, but when the suggestions become stipulations I start to become disinterested. 

I also have a horrible writing style. Can't you tell? I use slang, bad punctuation, bad grammar, and if spell-check doesn't catch something that is spelled wrong, sorry it won't be fixed. I try to correct all of these issues as I am editing posts, but I miss things. That happens. I just like being a relaxed writer. When I try to follow all the rules of writing I struggle to actually write anything. 

I guess in all, what I am saying is that I'm going to be changing things a little. Instead of all the structured posts, I plan to write more freely. I also plan to quit reviewing just any thing for the giveaways and potential readership. I love my readers, but I am doing them and myself a disservice. I have more passion for the products that benefit my children than anything else. Those kinds of items will probably start being at the forefront of my reviews from now on. 

Truthfully, though, the reviews and the giveaways will probably slow down a little bit. Our lives are very busy in this crazy house. We just moved, we have family in town, and it's Summer! Also, I really want to get back to what this blog was started for. I want to blog about my kids and our lives. I hope that I won't lose readers this way but I have to do what I think I should. 

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