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Sponsor Spotlight: Hazelaid - Review

Hazelaid was founded in April 2008 after the owners were introduced to the healing powers of hazelwood. Originally based in Portland, Oregon, Hazelaid moved operations to Montreal, Quebec in February 2010. Hazelaid now carries 300+ unique Hazelwood, Baltic Amber, Magnetic, Ointment, and Soap Nut Products!


I was first introduced to Hazelaid by a fellow mom. Most of my children suffer from eczema, and my oldest daughter and husband both suffer from horrible acid reflux. So I went to Hazelaid to read about their products. I was really impressed with all the information they have in their About section. They discuss the benefits of Hazelwood, Baltic Amber, Soap Nuts, and Magnets. Like, I learned that Soap Nuts are actually a fruit so they will not cause problems for Riley who has a severe nut allergy. I found out how to tell when my Hazelwood necklaces need to be replaced. I also learned that if the necklaces do not improve a condition than it is likely that the condition isn't acid-based. They also have a page called "I Suffer From ..." that is very helpful. If you are trying to decide which necklace would be best to benefit your health, this page is a very good starting place. I learned quickly that for Eczema and Acid Reflux I should get Hazelwood necklaces. 

After going through and reading all the amazing information I started looking for necklaces for my three oldest children. Ashlynn suffers from horrible Acid Reflux so I knew we would be looking for Hazelwood for her. Riley and Robert both suffer from Eczema. They have bad allergies, but I wanted to see if Hazelwood would help the condition, so we could use less medicine. Now the fun part, shopping!

 Ashlynn, whose favorite color is purple, got the Amethyst necklace.
 For Robbie, we went for manly (because he's two and that's important, haha), and got the Black Obsidian.
Riley, always one for something extra, needed this Red Heart.

So, necklaces ordered, we waited for them to arrive. Shipping was incredibly fast. I had my necklaces in a few days and they were each in a separate bag in a package. They were beautiful, and the kids couldn't wait to put them on. 
Ashlynn modeling her Hazelaid necklace
I wanted to be sure I got the most accurate results so besides the daily Zyrtec, we stopped all the Eczema medicine for Riley and Robbie. The children wore their necklaces constantly for a month, as it can take up to three weeks to see results. Sadly, after that time, Riley and Robbie were still suffering from Eczema. I knew this was a possibility and I wasn't upset about it. The people at Hazelaid were very helpful. They gave me information about things other than excessive acidity, such as different foods and chemicals, that could be causing their eczema. They also gave me a website to look into for all natural products for my kids. I really love how much they care for their customers to follow up and give me more information. 

Ashlynn is a whole different story! She was constantly having issues with her Acid Reflux. The poor girl was just like her daddy, she needed Tums constantly to fight it off. Shortly after donning her beautiful Amethyst Hazelwood necklace we noticed that she quit asking for Tums! I was so excited about this. I mean, sure it was extra Calcium, but I hated that she was always hurting. She has been wearing her Hazelaid necklace for more than two months now and it is like she never had a problem with Acid Reflux. 

All of the necklaces are just gorgeous, and they are amazing quality. If an item can survive my rambunctious little monsters, it can survive anything. The clasps were perfect. I had no problems with them causing problems for my children. I followed the directions and made sure the children showered with their necklaces on so the Hazelwood could absorb water. All of the necklaces are still perfect. Ashlynn especially loves hers because she always feels she needs some jewelry. 

I have really fallen in love with Hazelaid and all their products. After seeing how much the necklace has helped Ashlynn, my husband has asked me to get one for him. I also want to try the Hazelwood with Magnets for my carpal Tunnel, and the Soap Nuts for my children's sensitive skin. I am so glad my friend told me about them.

You can find out more about Hazelaid and their products on their Website, Facebook, and Twitter

Hazelaid is offering my readers a 10% discount on their orders. Just use Crazy10 when you are checking out to receive the discount. Also they are sponsoring a $25 gift certificate in the Bringing in Summer Giveaway! Be sure to enter!!

I received the above mentioned products at a discounted price in exchange for an honest review. All thoughts and opinions are 100% my own.

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