Friday, March 2, 2012

Funny YouTube Finds Friday (1)

It always seems like I see something funny from YouTube posted by a friend on Facebook. Or I will be just looking around and come across something that just makes me laugh. I decided that I will start sharing those finds here every Friday. I hope you enjoy it!

One of my friends posted this hilarious video called Ghost in the Stalls-posted on YouTube by OlanRogers.
Edited to add - if bathroom shenanigans aren't your thing, don't watch.

Check out his videos, he is really funny. I've been watching his Dare on Dare videos and he is a mess. Next week I will have more funny YouTube finds for you.

Did you find anything funny on YouTube this week. Let me know about it in the comments!


  1. My 15 month old let out a giggle but I think that's because of the funny animated sounds he made while telling the story.