Thursday, March 1, 2012

Updates - Allergies, Birthdays, and More

I realize as far as regular content goes, I am slacking. I have been spending so much time increasing my readership and doing reviews and giveaways that I haven't posted anything about the family in ages. That was my main reason for this blog so I hope to get back to posting regularly again. 

Let me start with allergies! Riley had her allergy appointment, and things went good. She now has a skin cream regiment that we do daily, just like Robbie's. Our allergist re-tested her for allergies, and we got some good  news. She is no longer allergic to wheat!! The allergist said, that in her case, I did the right thing by continuing to give her wheat products. It apparently helped her body to overcome the allergy. She is still allergic to cats and dogs, highly allergic to peanuts, and newly allergic to dust and roaches (yuck!). The allergist also diagnosed her with asthma. She now has a daily inhaler, as well as her rescue inhaler. 

Robbie went back for his follow-up, and he was doing so great! The allergist was very pleased with his progress. His eczema was clearing up really well, and he had been eating eggs without problems. I thought we were finally in the clear! Then, suddenly, he broke out in a rash everywhere just yesterday. He was itching and fussy. I have know idea what happened. He only had one thing different in his diet, Chef Boyardee spaghetti and meatballs. So we are working to get it back under control again, and I've been having to give him medicine to help him stop itching. My poor little man!

Now birthdays! The twins just turned one last month! I am so excited for my big girls. They loved their cake. It was so funny to watch. Brittany dove right into the cake, grabbing huge handfuls and smearing them everywhere. She was a disaster in about one second. Abigail got just a tiny bit of icing on her finger and tasted it, then looked around, very unsure of what to do. She finally got into her cake, but overall she stayed much cleaner about it. 

 Next up for birthdays is Robbie! He turns two tomorrow and we are throwing him a little party on Saturday. His Toy Story 3 cake is all ordered, as is his Toy Story balloon. I still haven't been shopping for his gifts! I hope I can go tomorrow sometime. Let me tell you, I don't think I am looking forward to two with Robbie. He already throws himself to the ground and screams if he isn't getting his way. He is much worse about that then either of his older sisters. 

Miss Ashlynn, my healthy girl. I don't have a special update for her because she hasn't been to the doctor, and isn't celebrating her birthday soon. She is a very busy little fashionista. She spends her days at school and then her weekends having sleep overs. Five years old and she acts like a pre-teen. I don't know what I will do when she actually is a teenager. I have a feeling she will need her own bathroom, she is my diva. 

Life is busy, the house is messy, and I am sleepy. That really sums it all up. I'll try to get back to posting more. Thanks for stopping by!

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