Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Busy Busy Busy

I haven't posted in a very long time. Life has been pretty wild and finding a schedule that works for me and all the kids isn't always easy. Now the holidays are over and I am hoping to start finding more time to blog (nap time is my friend).

Abigail and Brittany will be turning one in about three weeks! I cannot believe how quickly they are growing. They both stand up and surf all the time. I love watching them talk and play together. I have no idea what they are saying but I can tell that they are definitely having a conversation. They also fight with each other over toys. It doesn't matter that we have been getting two of everything, they still take each others' toys and then cry about it. The only issue we have been having is with eating. They do not seem to want to move up from 2nd foods. They make bad faces and gag on the 3rd foods. I hope this changes soon. I've weaned all of my babies off bottles by the time they were one. It doesn't look like that will be the case with the twins.

Abigail and Brittany sleeping. This is one of my favorite pictures.

Robert is a busy little guy. He's finally decided that he wants to work on talking. His new favorite words are "mine" and "no". He also says his own name now and when we count to three for someone to stop being naughty, he counts with us. He is a very musical little guy. He is constantly drumming on everything, dancing, singing in his own little language. He does the funniest little beat boxing thing that always makes me laugh, and he tries to do some weird break dancing thing where he bends over with his head on the ground and walks around in circles. It won't be long and he will be my two year old little man. He isn't my baby any more and he doesn't let me cuddle him nearly as often. It makes me sad and happy at the same time. 

Robbie at Christmas this year.

Riley is by far my most aggravating and most entertaining little monster. She has turned into such a little diva and she is such a smarty pants about everything. At least once a day she says something that just cracks me up. I am never sure what to expect from her next. She is so incredibly smart and picks up on everything all the time. She has finally potty trained and I am so proud of her! We didn't have to bribe her or anything. She wanted to wear big girl panties, so she did. That was it, a few accidents, and then completely potty trained. Her biggest goal right now is school. She'll get to start next year and she cannot wait. All I ever hear about is going to school with her big sister. I can only imagine the calls home I will get about this little girl. I just know she is going to go to school and beat someone up.

Ashlynn is doing so amazing in school. They have a smiley face system and she has been doing so great, bringing home green smiley faces almost everyday, only a yellow once in a while. She can read so much and points out words and spells them to me all the time. What makes that better is that she loves to read! I cannot wait to get her some new chapter books that we can read together. I know she's only five, but I'll help her along. She loves math, too, which is something she shares with her daddy. They fire addition problems at each other all the time. She's pretty good at it. She loves to dance, and sing, and make up new songs all the time. I want to hopefully get her into to girl scouts this coming year, and maybe karate if we can. She really wants to do karate.

Ashlynn and Riley at Christmas.

As for me and Stuart, well things have been going goodish. We have had some hurdles this past year and we have made them through with just a few scratches, I think. We have a few more coming but we'll get things figured out. We'll be moving soon, although we haven't completely decided if we'll be staying in South Carolina or moving to Missouri. I think in the end we will do what is best for us and hopefully everything will turn out okay. Stuart is a store manager now, while I still stay at home with all of our monsters. I have started a book review blog though. I may not be able to write a book but I can sure read them and tell other people what I think.

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  1. I got your feeling for Robbie, my youngest one is 2 years 3 months now...ooouuggh I am feeling sad he is not a little baby who cuddles with me all the time anymore, my first son is 3 years old when I call him "come here baby" and he will reply "I am not a baby" LOL! But..on the other hand I also secretly look forward to put them in nursery so I can get a little bit of me-adult-time :P (I am visiting from MBS)

    1. I understand what you mean! My three year old daughter is always telling me she is not a baby! They are so funny as they grow up. Thank you so much for stopping by!

  2. You have a beautiful family! I love the pic of the twins in the crib- so cute! Following you!

    1. Thank you!! The crib picture is one of my absolute favorites. Thanks for stopping by and following. I stopped by your blog and I follow you, too.