Monday, March 21, 2011

Birthday Party and Pneumonia

Ashlynn came home from school today and let me know that she had invited all her friends to her birthday party. Her birthday is not until September! I tried to explain this to her. But no, she needs to get her invitations made and "Can I please have my party at Chuck -E- Cheese?". I once again tried to tell her that her birthday isn't until September. Well then she proceeds to tell me that she told all her friends that her birthday is March 16th. Well that is already past. But all her friends' birthdays are in March! And they already said they would come! Oh dear. I did not expect to already be dealing with this with a 4 year old. And Chuck -E- Cheese?? She wants to play games and use the ticket blaster. Wow, I wonder if this is how I was at 4. Probably so. lol

In other much more serious news today, Riley has pneumonia. Every time Ashlynn brings home a cold from school Riley gets it, too, and it always goes to her chest. She'll start wheezing and struggling to breath. So we have a breathing machine and an inhaler. Her allergist doesn't want to call it asthma, and her pediatrician says that it is asthma. I'm leaning toward my pediatrician's diagnosis on this one. So two weeks ago we went in for her wheezing and she got some steroids and the inhaler. It went away pretty fast and when we went for the follow-up last week her lungs looked great. Two days ago she started with a runny nose. Yesterday a little cough. Last night wheezing and fever. This morning her wheezing was horrible even after doing breathing treatments all night, and her temperature was 104.1. So I called got her an appointment. I figured it was just the same thing and would be a waste of time appointment since I already have all the medicines from her first spell of this. Nope, it's worse. She has pneumonia in her right lung. Thank God we took her in today. I cannot imagine how much worse this could have gotten if we had waited. So now my angel is on some very strong medicine as well as her breathing treatment and inhaler. She goes back to the doctor in 3 days. I pray she is better fast from this. She is usually my firecracker so it is hard to see her so sick.

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