Friday, March 25, 2011

Money Making Ventures

I used to work full time outside the home. I did that until I had my son. Then with three kids daycare would have cost my whole paycheck. I figured, why work? I can just stay home with my children. I also decided that I would try to find a way to make some income from home. And so began my journey to becoming a work at home mom(WAHM).

I signed up for Avon. I loved all the stuff and that was a problem. I was always buying things for myself and my children. That really cut into any profits I made. I also hated going out and bugging people to buy from me. Then when the items came in I hated harassing people to pay me and get their items. So I decided that maybe Avon just wasn't for me.

I tried doing an envelope stuffing job. Well after signing up, spending a fortune, and working like crazy, I found out that I was not making any money at all. All the envelopes that I had mailed were returned to me. I decided that I should just cut my losses and move on.

Then I signed up to sell products for a kind of health/nutrition company. I tried finding people to buy it but no one was interested. I tried to find people to sign up to sell, because I could make money that way too, but no one wanted to. I tried the email and phone call method they had and I wasn't getting people signed up. And everything just cost more money. Every time I turned around there was another charge for something or the only way I could get information was to pay for it. I decided it was costing more than we could afford at the time. I cut my losses, again, and moved on.

Then I tried to start a bow and craft making shop. I made bows, hats, and blankets. I had so many plans to make other things. And this probably would have taken off and done great. Plenty of other people make it work. I just found out very quick that my daughters were very interested in helping me. This would have been great but it involved a lot of cutting, hot glue, and needles. Also during this time I was pregnant with my twins and taking care of my infant son. Sad to say I quit this too. But at least I could sell off all my supplies!

I have also tried online surveys and mystery shopping. Both of these have actually panned out and I still do both. Especially the online surveys because I can do that while at home with my children. And major plus for both of these....they were free.

Now I am ready to move on to my next money making plan. I am going to take pictures. But I am going to start slow and just practice taking pictures of family with my digital camera for now. If it seems like something I want to do and I am good at it then I'll buy a better camera and put the word out. Wish me luck!

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