Sunday, March 27, 2011

"That's My Woohoo"

I know that according to the doctors you are supposed to call all body parts by their correct names but there are a few that I just can't. From day one it has always been that little girls have a "ya-ya" and boys have a "woohoo".

Lately my two year old daughter, Riley, has become very interested in everyones' bodies. When I have changed my son in front of her she has been very worried about his privates. "What's that?" all the time! So I told her it's his woohoo. "Ohhh his woohoo." And then we inevitably had to have the discussion that it was not for touching. So we got that all established and now she seems to think she has a pretty good understanding of it. Smart two year old, huh?

Today Stuart was getting Riley dressed for the day. Suddenly he started laughing and sent her to tell me what she said. Well into the bathroom she walked and pointed at her bare chest, "That's my woohoo." I laughed so hard. And so we had yet another talk about her body. She is so much more curious about everything than her older sister ever was. Maybe she'll be a doctor!

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