Wednesday, March 30, 2011


My son Robbie is so much fun to watch. He is 1 year old and just seems to be learning so much all of a sudden. He took forever to say anything other than "dada" but now he says all kinds of things, including "I love you" "bye bye" and "hey".

My husband has recently nicknamed Robbie, Thor. For his first birthday, Robbie received a toy that he hits things with a little plastic blue hammer. That hammer is now Robbie's favorite toy. He hammers everything and everyone and he likes to hold it up in the air and yell at people. It is so cute and funny. And so now he is Thor.

Today he has been very busy with his hammer and also on his play phone. He keeps holding it up to his ear and saying "hey" and "yeah" and then babbling a whole bunch that I can't understand.

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