Thursday, March 24, 2011

Sleep??? What is that?

My twins were preemie so for the first week at home they had to be waken up every three hours to eat. At their first appointment they had gained enough that we could go four hours. Well they did sleep really great at night. And I thought, wow I am so lucky, 2 newborns, and still managing at least 6 hours of sleep each night. And now, I am lucky to get 2 hours total. Abigail has tummy problems like no other lately. She is very gassy and cries. Brittany does not like to sleep alone and she has constantly got a stuffy nose. So all night they are very restless. Right now they are co-sleeping in my bed so that I can try to get some sleep. That is the only way I can manage getting the 2 hours that I am getting. But who needs sleep, right? My husband does. lol. He cannot stay awake with them. When he is helping I'll look over and whichever baby he has is laying awake in his lap while he is asleep sitting up. Haha. Poor guy. Guess God made mommies to be able to handle no sleep. And He made grandmas to help mommies find time to sleep. Thanks to my mom I got an extra hour and a half this morning. And I feel so energized now! All of my kids are taking a nap and I could be taking one, too. Instead I am wide awake. I guess I'll just have a little "me time".

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